EBELCO Shock Sensor ( BEL - M5 )
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EBELCO Shock Sensor ( BEL - M5 )

BEL-Sensor is an advanced high frequency vibration
sensor which can detect a burglar making a force
entry. It is an invaluable mechanism for incorporation
into burglar alarm system.
The sensors are compliance to CE and manufactured
under the highest quality control to achieve the
commitment to customer who always satisfied with
maximum quality and reliability.

► The Highest Conductivity with 24ct
Cobalt Gold Plating
► Sensor Head Complete Sealed with Epoxy
for water resistance
► Can be Installed at Glass, Fences, Walls,
Windows, Doors, Air-Conditioner Dusts,
Manholes, etc.
► Available in White and Brown Color

► Construction - Beige ABS
- 24ct Cobalt Gold Plated
- 7/0.2 mm cables
► Sensitivity Range :  L = Low Vibrations
 M = Medium Vibrations
 H = High Vibrations
► Operating Temperature : of –10° C to +60° C
► Operating Humidity : 0~95% ( non condensing)
► Weight : 24 g (±1%)
► Dimensions : Sensor - (L)60x(W)22x(T)22.5 mm

BEL- sensor is a compact vibration sensor fully enclosed within a junction box with a clip-on
cover. It is highly reliable and will respond to shock waves generated by attempted intrusion. Its
sensitivity is fully adjustable between high, medium and low-level vibration of disturbance. The
sensor has been designed for internal and external (outdoor, in suitable housings) perimeter
defense systems. Normally, it is electrically closed—circuit, but under shock conditions, go open
circuit momentarily. As such, any forcible attack upon the surface to which it is attacked, is
instantly detected. A number of sensors can be series - connected to form a sensor loop which
is connected to an analyzer/loop monitor circuit located at or within the alarm control panel.


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