8 PORT GIGABIT L3 POE SWITCH (AZSW8GPL3-24S4S+) Network Switches Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Malaysia, Cheras Supplier, Supply, Supplies, Installation | Define Engineering Sdn Bhd
AZSW8GPL3-24S4S+ is Azsecu’s layer 3 full gigabit managed fiber PoE switch. It has 8*10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 ports, 24*100/1000M SFP fiber slot ports and 4*1/10G SFP+ fiber slot ports. Port 1-8 can support IEEE 802.3af/at standard PoE power supply. single port PoE power reaches 30W, and the maximum PoE output power is 130W(at-250W).This 10G L3 Core PoE Switch uses top-rated 10G network switching chip, multiple layers PCB design,  as well as self-developed switch software system. With combination of hardware and software, it improves product quality from forwarding stability, packet processing speed, and other work capability. The switch supports stable and reliable fast Ring Protection Protocol(RSTP)/MSTP. It achieved real ring loop redundancy protection. Besides, there is no need to configure 10G port when users using this switch, to reduce probability of network failure. Support dynamic or static binding by users’ definition, such as IP, MAC, VLAN, PORT, etc; Support port isolation, to prevent communication between two neighbor network equipment within the same broadcast domain , for reducing network risk; Supports perfect storm control function which can suppress broadcast, multi-cast, and uni-cast storm; Support management by CLI, Telnet, Console port, which is more suitable for professional network administrator; It also allow reset by one-press, making maintenance easier.
§ 8*10/100/1000M PoE RJ45 ports + 24*Gigabit SFP ports + 4*10G SFP+ ports
§ Support L3 Switching features, including Static route, Default route, ARP, VLAN, TRUNK, Mirroring, Port isolation/flow control/speed limit, Storm control,  QOS, ACLs etc.
§ Support spanning tree STP, RSTP and MSTP.
§ Jumbo frames support up to 9.6K kilobytes
§ Support enhanced management through WEB, CLI, TELNET, SNMP
§ Support cable diagnosis
§ 8 ports support PoE. Compliant with both IEEE 802.3af/at. Allow PoE configuration for each PoE port
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