UNDER VEHICLE SEARCH MIRROR (AZUVSM-301) Under Vehicle Inspection System Advance Security System Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Malaysia, Cheras Supplier, Supply, Supplies, Installation | Define Engineering Sdn Bhd
1. 30 centimeters high intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror, convex-shaped 2-fold amplification effects are        common with the size of the mirror glass 1/ 2 weight.
2. Hardware plastic at the bottom and surrounded by, can effectively prevent the collision caused damage to the mirror.
3. Aluminum handles extend from 42'' to 51''.
4. Detectable minimum height: 10cm.
T-type retractable rod, turning 170 degrees around the joints
designed to maximize the depth to the detection of vehicles and goods, shrapnel.
Light source:
LED torch have long life, high brightness waterproof, removable to serve as work lights and so on.
our products can be folded rod, fixed after a good one person can be put away. Can be equipped with easy to carry bag, can be dismantled when not in use and collection.
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