Face Recognition and Body Temperature Terminal (Long Range)
Face Recognition and Body Temperature Terminal (Long Range) Human Body Temperature Detector Advance Security System Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Malaysia, Cheras Supplier, Supply, Supplies, Installation | Define Engineering Sdn Bhd
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Long range detection 0.3m to 1.3m with accuracy ±0.3°C
# Superb speed - quick recognition and body temperature measurement at 200ms 
Using latest Linux Based AI chip (4*1.5GHz CPU + 4*1GHz NPU + 800MHz MCU)
Integrated face capturing and recognition function with infrared temperature measurement
Face Recognition accuracy >99%
# Industrial grade design, pitch Angle, left and right rotation adjustable
Support active face detection using active Near-Infrared video, effective prevention of photos and video spoofing
Face mask Detection
Face Library capacity 30,000, easy face template importing, support single/batch image file import
Support face types of ordinary people, eg whitelist people, blacklist people, etc.
Support recognize result linkage I/O, Wiegand port output, voice broadcast
Dual camera design

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