Rising Bollard System
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Type Of Bollard system:

1. Fixed bollard
Fixed bollard can prevent vehicles fromcrashing into your protection area.It is fixed by concrete which is under pavement.The material of fixed bollard is SUS304, which is hardly to be rusty.

2. Semiautomatic bollard
Semiautomatic bollard can be risen automatically,and be fallen by dedicated key.With the advantage of no need electricity,it can be widely used in passageway that vehicles go in and out not frequently. Rising:rotate key,the bollard will rise automatically. Falling:rotate key,then push the top of the bollard to force it down to the ground. Rotate key again so that the bollard can be locked.

3.Fully automatic hydraulic rising bollard
Fully automatic hydraulic rising bollardintegrates hydraulic power supply and hydraulic action bar,has a two-way integration hydraulic mechanism.The control system can frequently make the bollard rise and fall automatically. The time of bollard rising&falling is very short, also the anti-collision performance is eligible.Beside of normal wired control,you can also control it remotely,or by swiping card.It can also be connected with computer to do a procedural control. The material of the bollard is SUS304,which is hardly to be rusty.The bollard wall thickness can be customized from 6mm to 20mm.The time of bollard rising&falling is no more than 5 seconds,It can also be worked in hot or cold environment,in which the temperature can be from 40 degrees below zero to 70 degrees.It can be fallen by manpower to make the road unblocked when electric system is shut down or when you meet other bad situation that can not control the bollard normally.

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