Liquid Detector
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HandheldDangerous liquid scanner

I: Brief Introduction

FJ-SW801 Handheld Dangerous Liquid Detector FJ-SW801 can distinguish the material including gasoline, ignition mixture, acetone, nitroglycerin, all kinds of liquor, ether and other dangerous liquid, water, non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic drinks, dairy products, etc.

II: Specifications

Discrimination: Can through the thickness of 5 mm glass container and nonmetallic materials
Weight: 165 g (including battery)
Size: 210 x70x25 mm
Alarm: Sound, light alarm
Power on : 1 seconds
Storage temperature/humidity: -40°C to 60°C/ 5% to 95%
Working temperature/humidity: 15°C to 35°C/5% to 95%
Power voltage/Frequency: AC180V to 240V(50/60Hz)
The host and charging base
Limited material of bottle / can
Iron, aluminum, plastic, glass, porcelain, china, pottery.
Limitation of bottle
Bottle size no less than: 5.5cm*1.5cm, capacity no less than 50ml.

III: Identify dangerous liquid
More than 40 sorts: Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil , hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid , nitric acid , sodium hydroxide , potassium hydroxide , isopropyl ether , petroleum ether, propionaldehyde, benzene, carbon disulfide, hexane, isopropanol, nitromethane, diethylamine , tris the trihalomethanes , ethylene glycol, xylene and other flammable, corrosive liquids.
Data storage
No less than 1000 times test results are saved automatically. USB port available to load down the data.
Alarm for dangerous liquid
Audio and visual alarm

IV: Application

Airport, customs, ports, railway stations and other places of safety inspection, courts, public security, prisons, detention center prohibited liquid security inspection, important places, exhibition hall, exhibition, business meetings, celebrations, stadium important public places such as the entrance examination, MTV, theaters, dance halls, karaoke bars, bars and other places of entertainment to prevent carrying dangerous liquid.

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