Explosion Mitigation Tank & Blanket
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Explosion-proof Blanket

Product Introduction:
When type 82-2 hand grenade is detonated, it can effectively resist the impact damage, fully absorb the explosion of energy generated by the fragment , can be effective protection from the damage of the explosive shock wave and fragment on the surrounding people, the valuables and special public places. The outer coat is waterproofed and has excellent tear resistance, high strength and wear resistance. The product has passed testing of the Ministry of Public Security special Police Equipment Quality Supervision and Test Center and complies with GA69-94 standard of the explosion blanket. FBT - 160 type explosion-proof blanket has been widely used in high speed rail, subways and other places, receives mostly favorable reviews of the user.

Scope Of Application
It is mainly used for isolating temporary explosives, temporary storage and disposal of it and protection of the valuables .It is necessarily for public security,army, airport, railways, customs ports, stadiums, shopping malls,hospital ,school, subway aviation, railways, cultural entertainment places , kindergarten and bank.

1.Formation: Inner fence,outer fence & blanket.

2.Size & Weight:
Item Specification
Blanket 1200mm×1200mm &1600mm×1600mm
Inner fence inner diameter 420mm
height 300mm
Outer fence inner diameter 600mm
height 150mm
Weight total weight≤30 kg

  • Explosion-proof Tank
    FJ-TB15 explosion proof barrel (explosion proof tank) is an important device that can prevent the shock waves and debris when grenade or other explosives blasting to avoid or reduce the damage to people surrounding. It’s a necessary device for armed police, civil aviation, railways, ports, customs, venues and other explosion proof security check departments.Application and performance:
    FJ-TB15 explosion proof barrel (explosion proof tank) is a single pressure releasing special equipment for temporarily storing explosives in urgent situation. The experiment has shown that FJ-TB15 explosion proof barrel (explosion proof tank) can prevent the horizontal diffusion of shock waves and debris when blasting to protect the people and wealth surrounding and effectively prevent the occurrence of explosion.
    FJ-TB15 explosion proof barrel (explosion proof tank) has high-performance, can be used in various large-scale activities and important public places. It can timely transport the explosive devices discovered to safe areas, so as to make proper disposal. Its blast resistance is stronger than the common one and the price is lower than the same products abroad. It’s beautiful and has wide application range. Now it is becoming a preferred explosion-proof device of armed police, public security and other departments.
    3.Echnical parameters£º
    Cross-sectional shape£ºLateral surface is made of 16 mm thick steel plate; the tank bottom is made of 16mm thick steel plate (curved surface) and 10mm thick steel plate.
    Explosion proof barrel is welded by circular surface and the tank bottom.
    Inner diameter: Φ598mm; External diameter: Φ630mm; Depth of inside jug: 650mm; Height of the outside jug: 755mm;
    The tank has a string pocket for storing explosives and has 4 caster wheels at the bottom.
    Net weight: 270kg; Packaging details: Wooden case Gross weight: about 290kg.
    Explosion-proof performance: Put a 1.5kg TNT explosive (density: 1.55g/ cm3 --1.6g/cm3) in the basket, the distance between the geometric center of explosive and inner bottom center is 218mm. Use No.8 electric fuse to detonate the bomb. After explosion, the external jug is intact without crack, perforation, burning, smoke, dumping and the tank attachment without shedding.
    If no explosion, it can store all the time with lifelong warranty.
    The products have been qualified by Special Police Appliance Quality Surveillance Test Center of Public Security Department and in accordance with the requirements of the stationary explosion-proof tank withstanding 1.5kg TNT explosive energy in <GA871-2010 explosion proof tank>.
    When using an 82-2 standard grenade to detonate the bomb, it would not be lethal to the people 1 meter away from the explosion center. While detonating by a 200g dynamites without a metal shell would not be lethal to the people 3 meters away from the explosion center
    ¡÷After explosion, the explosion-proof tank cannot be used again.
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