Under Vehicle Inspection System
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Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS)

I: Brief Introduction

Vehicle safety inspection system is mainly detected at the bottom of the vehicle to find out the hidden quickly and accurately in the bottom of contraband and illegal immigration and smuggling personnel, quicker and more accurately than the traditional bottom inspection mirror, greatly improving the vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy, reducing investment in human resources.

II: Advantage

1. No need to park vehicle, can bear speed below 30km/h

2. Time of image display after scan <1s

3. Image automatic save and automatic delete when hard disk is full

4. Time of image saving or loading:15T

10.Waterproof level: IP68 meet all day work

11. Scanning device weight: 28KG

12.Scanning device volume £º450 x 400 x 88mm

13. Communication interface: RJ45

14. Storage temperature£»?40°¡«75°

15. Operating temperature: -10° ~+60°

16.Operating power : 110£­240V AC,50£­60HZ

Software system

1.Using the black and white line array CCD scanning technology dynamic imaging;

2. Scan resolution: 2048 line CCD

3. Chassis storage or loading time: < 1 second; 4. The bottom image display: a horizontal display; 5. Chassis image storage format: Standard BMP image format or JPEG; 6. System interface language: can be customized; 7. Display resolution: To adapt a variety of display resolution 8. Transmission interface of the bottom image data: RJ45 network; 9. Display of scene image: ≥1 road 10. The test of Image retrieval function: store the bottom of car and the image of license plate according to Information retrieval of the date ,time and license plate number 11. Resolution of the bottom image: >10000 * 5340

12. The bottom image automatic shooting: when vehicle speed to 1-50km/h through the underbody scanner, system will display the image in the 1s, while the vehicle in the underbody scanner image acquisition region stillness must time continue to through the underbody scanner and bottom images show the intact.

13. Automatic image storage, delete functions: automatic deletion of expired pictures.

14. Image quality adjustment function: The adjustment of saturation, contrast, balance, sharpness for underbody or license plate image; And carrying out amplification and reduce . the amplification factor is 16, and can be used to enlarge the local display.

System host server and monitor

1.Monitor: 22 bits real colors

2.CPU:INTEL Quad core processor

3. Motherboard: special board

4. Memory: DDR3, greater than 2GB

5.HD: 500G high speed hard drive

6. Graphics: 192BIT, DDR3 independent graphics card

7.Appearance: aluminum alloy composite material

8.Operation power :AC220V 50/60Hz

9.Operation electrity:3A

10 Data transmission cable length: 10M

License plate recognition system (limited domestic)

1. The module of standard 1 license plate recognition can be extended to 2 or more matching;

2. The single character recognition accuracy rate: ≥ 99%;

3. Average recognition time: <20m/s

4.Entire brand recognition accuracy: ≥95%

5 Horizontal tilt angle of license plate image: -10 ~ +10 degree;

6. Character recognition accuracy (except Chinese characters): ≥ 93%


V: Application

1.Airport, prison house, customs and other government departments ,as well as the large public parking entrance where to check whether the car have Contraband

2.Large events, and the checking of entrance of the exhibition for the safety inspection of vehicles.

3. Using for Security inspection, explosion-proof, army vehicles at the bottom.

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