Road Blocker
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I: Brief Introduction

Operator on duty issue instruction through the control system. Hydraulic transmission quick lift the road blocker devices to let the vehicle passed. Then the inductance detection automatically instruct the road blocker device or a manual button,remote control quick lift road blocker machine to achieve the purpose of controlling lanes, door release or closed and effectively prevent vehicle from forcedly passing through the checkpoint.
The product use the hydraulic drive technology to intercept . Load-bearing, anti-collision compatibility is strong. Operation is easy and flexible. A lot of advantages,such as hydraulic transmission,movement smooth, fast,low noise, high traffic capacity , safe and reliable, strong carrying capacity, steady lifting,etc.
Road blocker with parking barrier gate, smart card charging management system and access control attendance system compose a perfect crossing management system( can be added according to user`s requirement)

II: Feature

1、 Quite and fast

The lifting time is up to 3-6s(configurable), far outweigh the road blocker machine of the same specification of other manufactures. It is extremely rare. It adopts the hydraulic drive. Its movement is soft and quite,which just solve the problem of big noise of traditional pneumatic lifting pump.

2、 control of agile

Control unit adopts PLC programmable controller,which can be a variety of different function models to meet the different needs of different users on function. In addition, its movement stroke is debug timing design. The user can freely adjust the height of the cover plate,effectively saving energy .

3、 Unique structure

The core part of its unique design for the hydraulic unit and mechanical power can effectively pass the mechanical energy to hydraulic drive unitwhich is efficient.

4、 Safety and reliability

Power failure or other emergencies, you can manually descent the cover plate of the road blocker to leave a clear channel letting the vehicle access,which is stable and reliable.

5、 Economic

Its hydraulic transmission mode, environmental protection and energy saving,low consumption,lower failure rate,longer service life reduced the maintenance costs. In addition, the installation and maintenance is more convenient and quicker by using untraditional mechanism design.

III: Technical Parameter

1、 Control system: electric hydraulic control
2、 Voltage: 380V( control voltage:24V)
3、 System Power: 3.7KW/5.5KW
4、 Passing Pressure: 80T Container Truck
5、 Rising Time : 1~6S(adjustable)
6、 Dropping time: 1~6S(adjustable)
7、 Communication: RS485≤1200M( access control system)
8、 Rising height: 350-800mm
9、 Working temperature: -20≧—75≧
10、Storage environment: 0≧— 35≧, water-proof,damp-proof and dust-proof.

V: Application

The Road blocker machine widely used in highway toll station, checkpoints, prison, airports,government agencies, embassy,military bases, customs, bank, industrial and mining enterprises, port, warehouse, parking lot and all places need to limit vehicles and control vehicle access.

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